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Introductory Pages for UWSA

Posted on: June 04, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff

This is active space to help us arrive at better government!

This web site has continuously existed since February 1995. Mail lists associated with this site started in mid 1993 and grew from previous mail lists on proprietary on-line systems dating back to 1992.

Since its inception, this domain has empowered its participants to a number of accomplishments through the mail lists and web site:

  • (With Dan McCandless) Exposure of the Discharge Petition a tool for the Speaker of the House to secretly exercise control over the progress of legislation.
  • De-foley-ate (DF8) the initiation of a coordinated effort to change who was speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • The "Gift Ban Bill" sometimes called the "Ban Bribery Now!" initiative, to limit the flagrent buying of legislative interest with gifts and expensive entertainment by those with special interests.
  • Coordination of CA Prop 208, the citizen's initiative to limit campaign finance abuses from special interests.
  • Uvote, an open forum where the citizens of the United States can demonstrate to themselves the concensus of the population.

During the same period the country changed:

  • Sensitivity to fiscal responsibility grew at the Federal Level
  • Many of Ross Perot's issues became mainstream issues of the Republican party and Democratic Administration.
  • UWSA at a national level apparently dissolved in favor of more focus on the Reform Party.

Recognizing all of the above, we are seeking to strengthen UWSA.COM, our internet domain, along the originally stated intentions of UWSA. We have taken the initial steps to create the legal entity "UWSA.COM" (NOTE: we are not creating "UWSA," we are creating "UWSA.COM." This is an internet centric effort to facilitate and promote the objectives of UWSA as previously defined.) The internet has just begun to unveil its promise of bringing people together. The next few years should bring spectacular changes to what can be accomplished on this "network of the people." This domain will be designed to provide a productive way for people to coordinate their non-partisian activity to improve our government.

To do this we need to empower and expand this site with:

  • New "Moderated" discussion lists that limit distribution of posts to those contributing to the resolution of the stated list issue.
  • Login protected, private world-wide-web pages that facilitate coordination of a task force working on specific issues in a private format. Task Forces could focus on:
    • Campaign Finance Reform, a major focus of this site for over a year, campaign finance abuse is morally wrong.
    • Reduction in National DEBT (the deficit is just a measure of how much worse the DEBT is becoming. The DEBT isn't going down until the deficit goes away!
    • Trade Issues, what can be done as private citizens to protect our lifestyles
    • Protection of our rights as individuals including, privacy, personal safety and freedom of choice.
    and of course more.
  • as required authentication and privacy capabilities to protect the activity of participants.
  • Develop and provide accurate, current lists of how to contact specific points in government.
  • Document and provide statistical data about public opinion on specific issues.
  • Provide a place to document and report improper or fiscally foolish actions within our government(s).
  • Provide a place to report new sites dedicated to resolving UWSA centric issues.
  • and more.......

Up to this point the work of these World Wide Web pages and mail lists have benefited from the intellectual contributions of many, many people and the financial contributions of a relative few. To achieve our expanded objective, it is time for a change.

We will be creating an advisory board for UWSA.COM of people respected for their prior contributions and able to work as a team. More about this later!

We also need to put "UWSA.COM" on its own self perpetuating financial footing so it can obtain programming, systems administration and other resources when the need arises and not have to wait until the resources can be afforded or contributed.

If you have some thoughts to share with us please visit our comments board.