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Posted on: June 04, 2008
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This is active space to help us arrive at a better government!

For four years we have been saying: "In reality, you are responsible for the world you live in. You are responsible for the government you allow to govern you."

No one fixes things for you without your participation! Unless you are willing to accept the consequences:

  • Do not expect government to fix anything for you without your involvement,
  • Do not expect any group you do not participate in or support to fix things for you.
  • do not even expect United We Stand America to fix it for you.

  • You (We) are all responsible for helping yourself (ourselves). You must participate before you can expect the solutions implemented to truly take your interests to heart. These are the hard facts.

    These pages are dedicated to providing a tool to help us all. We must all assume responsibility to take care of our friends and ourselves. And we all must contribute to the solution, not singularly but as a group.

    UWSA.COM is intended to become a trusted place for citizens to research legislative and political topics at all levels of organized government.

    There are ways to get reform. To get real reform: WE must organize, educate, expose and perservere!

Delegating your trust to others to fix your/our problems seldom results in long-term, good, solutions. Only though your own involvement/awareness at some level with all the parties, each contributing some part of that special uniqueness we all have, can better resolutions and fixes to problems be found. These pages are a starting point to become and stay personnally active in determining your own future. Here is how to paticipate or just learn more about our "I nternet-Centric" approach to reforming our government.

"REMEMBER: the Constitution was written to protect the people from the government - NOT to protect the government from the people!"

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