Debt Consolidation

About Frank Bates

Frank, a debt consolidation professional for the past 20 years, first became interested in debt consolidation and finance after high school, when he saw many of his fellow friends struggle to find a way to pay for their college educations, and turned to loans they were not prepared to take on as a means of finance. While this originally spurred Frank's interest in the finance, it was the overarching significance that credit carries that led to his decision of pursuing an education in finance.

Outside of the financial field, Frank is a fan of winter sports (both skiing and snowboarding, though with age he is learning to appreciate skiing more) and during the off-season, he enjoys the warmer weather from the likes of the golf course. While Frank has yet to perfect his golf swing, by no means does he mind the additional practice time on the course. Above all, Frank enjoys spending time with his family of four most of all and considers them the perfect investment of his time.