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A Primer on Interpreting Credit Risk Reason Codes

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August 13, 2010
Let’s break the credit risk code!

Let’s break the credit risk code!
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Earlier on UWSA we discussed your credit score and how to interpret it. Now, we introduce a new tool for raising your scores: your Credit Risk Reason Codes.

These codes are part of your credit report, and a few of the most pertinent ones may also be provided if you are rejected for a new credit line. Since descriptions are vague – numbers are sometimes all that’s included – many consumers do not realize these Risk Reason Codes can be extremely useful in diagnosing credit.

In the long run, tailoring your debt management strategy to take your personal “risk factors” into account can lead to lower credit card balances and a much easier time dealing with creditors of all kinds. (more…)

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Basic Credit Hygiene: Your Credit Score

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August 6, 2010
Is your credit score “on target” for prime rates?

Is your credit score “on target” for prime rates?
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Previously on UWSA, we discussed your credit report, the three major credit reporting agencies, and how to obtain your report for free.

For many purposes, the information in your report is enough to gauge the health of your credit history: you’ll be able to pinpoint problem accounts, inaccuracies, and potential fraud, all of which are major sources of trouble with your credit score.

But the credit score itself is a complementary tool, a reflection of the report developed by each agency; and in virtually all cases, it isn’t free.

Before you pay to check your credit score, a little explanation is in order. (more…)

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