Debt Consolidation

Appendix - Check List for All Federal Candidates

Posted on: June 05, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff


Check List for All Federal Candidates

We would like to have your specific plans to:

_____ Eliminate the deficit

_____ Keep the budget balanced through binding legislation

_____ Pay off the national debt

_____ Rebuild the job base and put our people back to work

_____ Develop an intelligent, supportive relationship between government and business

_____ Develop strategic plans industry by industry to strengthen and rebuild our companies

_____ Target the industries of the future and develop specific plans to be the world leader in those industries

_____ Stimulate the growth of small businesses

_____ Maintain and build our manufacturing base

_____ Make "Made in the USA" the world's standard of excellence

_____ Rebuild our cities

_____ Make our public schools the finest in the world

_____ Get rid of illegal drugs

_____ Dramatically reduce crime and violence throughout our country

_____ Provide affordable health care

_____ Get rid of waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government

_____ Develop a new tax system that is fair, paperless for most Americans, and raises the money necessary to pay our country's bills

_____ Get rid of foreign lobbyists and foreign political contributions

_____ Develop fair free-trade agreements

_____ Pass laws prohibiting cashing in on prior government service

_____ Develop an intelligent energy policy

_____ Implement the line item veto for the President

_____ Pass laws to stop Congress from exempting itself from laws it imposes on the rest of the country

_____ Bring the congressional retirement plan in line with private-sector plans

_____ Pass laws requiring the return of all excess campaign funds to the U.S. Treasury

_____ Pass laws to reduce the time for federal elections, reduce the cost of federal campaigns, and create equal opportunity for all new candidates by providing equal television time for all candidates

_____ Replace the electoral college with the popular vote Pass laws eliminating all possibilities for special interests to give large sums of money to candidates

_____ Pass a law to hold elections on Saturday and Sunday, instead of Tuesday

_____ Pass a law forbidding release of election information before the polls in Hawaii close

_____ Slash staffs in the executive and legislative branches Get rid of unnecessary perks throughout the federal government.

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Posted here on 5/24/97