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Reports and Articles about Campaign Finances

Posted on: June 11, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff
Capitol Investors
From California Common Cause - A report on the top ten contributors to California legislators in the 1993-94 election cycle.
Like Money in the Bank
From Common Cause Magazine - How the Allied Business PAC is using California's lax campaign laws to engineer a political takeover.
Legislature for Sale
The best recent desciption of the overwhelming influence of money in California politics is provided in this special series published by the San Jose Mercury News.
The Great Money Chase
A detailed description of how much money California candidates raised and spent in the 1994 races, along with a discussion of the problems this led to, is contained in this report by California Common Cause.
Undermining Popular Government:Tobacco Industry Political Expenditures in California
Pretty much what is says, by the Institute for Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
Mother Jones Magazine
Ma Jones has published several articles which discuss the problem of money in politics at the national level. Some of our favorites are:
Shakedown - Congressional Dialing for Dollars.

No Compromise on Corruption - Encouraging Clinton not to wimp out on campaign finance reform.

Doing well by pretending to do good - More pretense of reform from Clinton and the 103rd Congress.

Bill's Delivery - Just who get's served, anyway?

The Body Politic - What lobbyists want (and get).