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Posted on: June 11, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff
4/13/96 --- The San Francisco Chronicle raises serious concerns about the CalPIRG counterinitiative saying it "could delay for years any meaningful campaign finance reform". See their editorial, Rival Initiatives Cloud Campaign Reform Effort.

4/13/96 --- From the Center for Governmental Studies: Independent analysis of the CPRI; how our initiative would affect labor unions, political parties, and local campaign finance laws.

1/21/96 --- ALERT: The special interests are given a vehicle to oppose our reforms. See The Threat to Reform in California.

1/17/96 --- WE ARE DONE! With the help of over 4,000 volunteers, we turned in over 700,000 signatures to county registstars, and finished over a month before our deadline. The California Political Reform Initiative will be on the November 1996 ballot.! Great work, everyone!

11/22/95 --- New from Common Cause - Capitol Investors, a report on the top ten contributors to California legislators.

11/7/95 --- Welcome CNNers. To make your visit easier, we've posted a 30 Second FAQ as to what we're about. Enjoy!

11/1/95 --- Congratulations to all! It's time to pause and make a toast to all our volunteers out there. After our first two months of signature gathering and over 340,000 signatures collected, we are over half way to placing the California Political Reform Initiative on the ballot.

9/5/95 --- We started our petition drive over the Labor Day weekend. Public response was very good. Signature gathering went very well in spite of our being a little rusty.

8/13/95 --- From Common Cause Magazine: Like Money In The Bank - An in depth report on the Allied Bussiness PAC and how they are using our campaign laws to further their own ideologic agenda. See our Supporting Evidence page.

8/3/95 --- We've done a general reorganization of this site to make it a little easier to navigate. New items include: