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Limits on Total Contributions

Posted on: June 11, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff

Total Contributions Allowed to California State Candidates from California's Largest PACs Under the CalPIRG and CPR initiatives.

What follows is a calculation of the aggregate total of contributions that were given or could be given to California Legislative and statewide candidates from a single organization during an election cycle under the CalPIRG counterinitiative (the ACA) and the CPRI. This does not include Federal and local races.

Contributed Allowed Allowed
Organization in 93-94 (1) by ACA(2,3) by CPRI(4)

CA Teachers Assoc. $2,057,143 $2,480,000 $25,000
CA Medical Assoc. $1,181,178 $1,900,000 $25,000
CA Trial Lawyers Assoc. $1,055,488 $250,000 $25,000
CA Optometrists PAC $1,012,880 $135,000 $25,000
CA State Employees Assoc. $989,262 $1,750,000 $25,000
CA Firefighters Assoc. $861,615 $1,000,000 $25,000
CA Dental Assoc. $695,575 $950,000 $25,000

1. From The Great Money Chase, published by California Common Cause, April 1995.

2. From the National Resource Center for State and Local Campaign Finance Reform, Los Angeles.

3. Totals under the PIRG initiative are limited by either the membership base of the organization ($25 / member / yr.) or by the sum of the contribution limits to individual candidates ($10,000 for legislative candidates; $20,000 for statewide candidates). Assumes that each organization contributes to only one candidate per race.

4. Totals under the CPR initiative are limited by a $25,000 per organization aggregate contribution limit.