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Privacy Policy of UWSA

Posted on: July 01, 2008
Written by: UWSA Staff

Here at UWSA, we respect your privacy and take it very seriously. This privacy policy was created to provide details about how we protect your privacy at UWSA.

Your IP address may be tracked by our server to improve our site's usability, we however do not set cookies on your computer. Our IP address data does not identify you, however may track your repeat visits. To better serve you, we track what page you enter on, what pages you navigate to, and what page you leave on.

UWSA does not store any personal data about you aside from your IP address. Any information submitted through our forms is sent directly to our business partners and is not retained on our servers. Our business partners will then contact you regarding related offers UWSA utilizes the verification services of SecureRights to protect consumers from fraud and privacy violations. SecureRights verifies information submitted through our forms by people looking for financial products and services from businesses.